What Is Millennial Gray and Why We’re Getting Rid Of It

the answer to what is millennial gray why we are getting rid of it

If you’re asking ‘what is Millennial Gray’ allow me to explain it. First, look around your home and count the amount of grey-colored furniture and decor you have. How about grey faux fur things? What about furniture with chrome legs?

If you discover that you have a lot – and you’re a millennial, then, I’m sorry to break it to you but at some point, you fell into the trap that is being called “Millennial Gray.”

Millennial Gray isn’t just the color grey, it is a very specific design style reminiscent of the 2010s, that was seen commonly in the homes of millennials (people who were born between 1980-2000.)

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example of a millennial gray living room where everything is gray
example of a millennial gray living room

It’s a term given to a decor style that favors gray tones. Gray furniture, gray bedding, gray floors and walls… Often with cheap faux-fur grey furniture, chrome and crystal embellishments that some might consider tacky. Or as Gen Z calls it, “chuegy.”

Ah, Millennial Gray has become a joke on social media as of late. Where people of all ages are poking fun at themselves as they realize just how much millennial grey decor exists in their homes.

What Is The Definition Of Millennial Gray?

According to Urban Dictionary, it’s “The sad depressive hue of the color gray which many millennials coat their life in. The color reflects how millennials went from nonsense happiness, looking at Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon in the ‘90s to Inflation and depression in the early 2020s.”

up close example of dated millennial gray livingroom
example of a millennial gray living room

So How Did Millennial Gray Decor Become So Common?

It’s not your fault, millennials. Millennial Gray came to be in the 2010s because of how mass-produced, cheap and readily available it was.

Honestly, it was hard NOT to buy something that would fall into Millennial Gray territory during the 2010s, because it was for sale, everywhere!

Notably, the trend started when millennials began to enter adulthood, moving into their own homes. They favored a more minimal style than the cluttered, loud Tuscan-colored rooms of their parents’ homes in the 80s and 90s.

But what started as a calming minimalist style, soon became grey on grey on grey everywhere!

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Nowadays the look is synonymous with “cheap flip home” and many people are choosing to take steps to crawl out of the grey hole, in favor of experimenting with different styles.

example of a millennial gray bedroom where everything is gray

How To Remove Millennial Gray From Your Home

“Removing the millennial gray from my home” is a project I’ve taken on, after buying a house that had previously been decorated and renovated by its previous owners in this style, extensively.

The build of the home has lots of charm, but unfortunately, much of that charm was covered up with bad 2000s grey vinyl floors, grey subway tiles, and the like, which I am now removing.

Disclaimer: if you like this style, great! You can make your home look however you want, it makes no difference to me, I do not judge you or care. In this guide, I’m simply stating what millennial grey is, and that it’s not the style that I wish to have in MY home.

millennial gray dining room
Example of a millennial gray dining room

The first step to removing millennial gray from your home is to paint over the gray paint on your walls with something lighter and brighter. A coat of white paint can do wonders.

If you want to remove grey flooring, consider white oak hardwood, and natural stone.

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What Interior Design Style Looks Better?

The millennial gray look is cold, sterile and uninviting. If that’s not your vibe, then switching things up for pretty much any other style would be an improvement.

When redecorating your home, the most important thing to consider is your personal taste. Ask yourself, what styles resonate with you? Then choose materials and furniture that make you happy, regardless of what’s currently “in style.”

That being said, there are some classic interior design styles such as transitional and contemporary, that are inviting and timeless!

There are also newer design styles, like organic modern which offer a warmer, more comfortable aesthetic.

Take a look at my Pinterest boards where I give examples of many different styles:

find your design style chelsea clarke pinterest to get rid of millennial gray

What Is Millennial Gray – Conclusion

Now that you know the answer to ‘what is Millennial Gray’ and if you’ve found that you’re a victim of it (joking!) it’s time to consider if you’re open to exploring other styles.

A little gray here and there can be nice. But too much, and it can become overwhelming.

Frequently Asked Questions About Millennial Gray

What color is millennial gray?

Millennial gray is not one specific gray, but rather, any gray tone.

How to get rid of millennial gray?

To get rid of millennial gray you can donate, sell or give away the furniture and decor you no longer like. next time you are furniture shopping, think about what items you really love, and bring more of those things into your home. For bigger projects such as removing grey vinyl flooring and glass tile backsplashes, it will take a bit more time to renovate, but also requires time fo ryou to figure out a style that you love!

what is millennial gray explained - How to get rid of millennial grey

is millennial grey the ugliest style? 4 different gray rooms examined side by side
is millennial grey the ugliest style? 4 different gray rooms examined side by side


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