About Chelsea Clarke

Chelsea Clarke is a digital creator and entrepreneur with a passion for interior design. She graduated from Emily Carr University of Design, and founded HerPaperRoute. She built a career in the creator economy, buying, flipping and brokering websites for over a decade as a Business Intermediary.

Chelsea bought 3 homes and flipped 2 of them with her woodworker husband Nick, from Youtube channel Rad Dad Builds. Together they are starting to renovate their current home, their biggest project yet, and they are funding the renovation 100% with money they can make online.

To add to the challenge, Nick and Chelsea are living in the home while attempting to renovate it!

About Chelsea Clarke designer, entrepreneur digital creator

Chelsea is an advocate for animal welfare, and in addition to this home renovations blog, she also owns cruelty-free beauty, and plant-based living niche sites that promote green, clean, eco-conscious brands.