Chelsea Clarke is a content creator, investor, and Business Intermediary. On a mission to help entrepreneurs make more paper, she teaches you how to buy, scale and sell online businesses, at


Chelsea also founded, a boutique investor marketplace, where she facilitates profitable exits, by connecting content creators looking to sell their online businesses, with investors eager to buy.


Chelsea has put over $2,000,000 USD in the pockets of content creators, by helping them sell their businesses. In a pandemic!


Chelsea Educates & Speaks About:




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Featured Live Appearances
Publication Features & Interviews

nichepursuits_chelsea clarke

Niche Pursuits

How Chelsea built a niche site business that earns up to $90k/mo  Read more »


Disrupt Magazine

Chelsea was listed as one of the top bloggers to follow in 2021 Read more »

website investing business insider chelsea clarke

Business Insider

 6 essentials to start a business flipping websites Read More »

cnbc grow chelsea clarke


I went from earning $11/hour as a waitress to running a business that made 7 figures: Here’s my best advice Read more »

chelsea clarke business insider student loan payment tips

Business Insider

4 Money moves Chelsea Clarke made, to pay off her student loans Read more »

selling handmade business chelsea clarke

Handmade Seller Magazine

 How to know it’s the right time to sell your business Read More »


Authority Magazine

5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Run a Live Virtual Event Read more »

ceo blog nation logo

CEO Blog Nation

 Success hacks entrepreneurs swear by Read More »

Featured Podcast Appearances

Fabulous conversation with Jess Catorc on her awesome new podcast. Listen in as Chelsea shares her startup story,  chats about the post-pandemic the Great Resignation and how bloggers are going to take over the world!

domain magnate podcast chelsea clarke blog flipping profit tips

Domain Magnate Show

Chelsea discusses investing in distressed niche site assets, and flipping them for profit

niche pursuits chelsea clarke blogging

Niche Pursuits Podcast

Chelsea shares strategies for growing both a thriving community & affiliate income

chelsea clarke summit in a box

Summit Host Hangout

Secrets of monetizing virtual summits with brand sponsors

inbox besties chelsea clarke selling niche sites

Inbox Besties

How to build and sell high-value niche sites.

chelsea clarke food blogger pro podcast

Food Blogger Pro

Why people sell websites, and how to be a successful website investor

niche website builders chelsea clarke interview

Niche Website Builders

How to grow and flip niche sites fast


Hustle To Freedom

Buying & selling websites as a side hustle that turned into a 7 figure career

chelsea clarke speaker totalfitbosschick

Total Fit Boss Chick

How to monetize your content without being overwhelmed‬

chelsea clarke business broker press media - biz birthday bash podcast

Biz Birthday Bash

Chelsea reveals lesser-known tips to sell your business

digital nomad wannabe

Digital Nomad Wannabe

Buying, selling & monetizing your blog.

scalingup chelsea clarke

Scaling Up

Become your own investor by micro-investing in websites - no bank lender required!

chelsea clarke course creators mba website investor niche site flipping

Course Creators MBA

How to sell your online course business

The Side Gig Central Podcast

Chelsea shares growth-hacking and website investing tips 

Humans of Flippa

Humans Of Flippa

Website investing & running an online business brokerage

chelsea clarke speaker getwitit

Get WitIT Podcast

On creating a real estate marketplace for blogs and websites

proffitt podcast

The Proffitt Podcast

How to create better, SEO-optimized podcast show notes

The Side Gig Central Podcast

How to sell your expertise online with digital products

brave new you

Brave New You

Empowering you to overcome your limiting beliefs & take brave leaps towards building the life and business you truly desire to have

chelsea clarke broker media intereview

Gift Biz Unwrapped

Learn how to sell your business + things to do now to make it easier later

fall forward podcast

Fall Forward Podcast

Chelsea talks website investing & content creation

success flipping blogs

Entrepreneurial Success

How to build wealth with blog flipping

She's Invincible

How to build an awesome lead funnel while avoiding sleazy sales tactics


Ignited Entrepreneurs Podcast

Chelsea reveals an affiliate marketing game plan

in the trenches blogging success

In The Trenches Podcast

How to make 5-figures/month blogging

Blogger Genius Podcast

New ways to make money with affiliate marketing

happy empires

Happy Empires Podcast

How to use Pinterest to make money Was voted one of the best 100 sites for solopreneurs!

Featured Speaking Events




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Is Gated Content Still An Effective Tool In Business? Read More »



10 critical SEO tips to help you dual-optimize your website for both Google and Pinterest ranking. Read More »

geniuslink logo


 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Help You Scale Your Content Read More »

start blogging online

Chelsea stopped by StartBloggingOnline to share some tips on why you shouldn’t ignore 404 errors, as well as offer some suggestions on how to fix your blog’s 404 errors fast, easy and for free! Read More »



 How businesses can use video content as a marketing tool Read More » 


Just how much money can you make flipping blogs? How does one get started as a blog flipper? Chelsea shares some tips and tricks for aspiring flippers here. Read More »


Dale enlisted Chelsea’s help to sell her blog and got a $4800 offer within a day. Dale dishes about the process of selling her blog in this article and recommends Chelsea for anyone wanting to sell their blog. Read More »


A Self Guru

6 ways new entrepreneurs can build their authority in a niche, even if you are a total newbie. Read More »


Chelsea answers your burning questions about blog flipping, and shares some tips for what you can do to improve your blog, so you can get a high price when selling it. Read More »

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