Nancy Meyers Interior Design Aesthetic: How To Get The Look

ultimate guide to the Nancy Meyers Interior Design Aesthetic For Elegant Coastal Homes - make your home look like a nancy meyers movie

Do you love the coastal yet elegant interior design aesthetic seen in Nancy Meyers movies? Do you dream of making your home look like a classic coastal dream home? Then this guide is for you!

Nancy Meyers movies are famous for featuring beautiful homes with a lived-in look that balances elegance with comfort.

In my opinion, this is a style that truly invites relaxation and conversation.

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Consider this the ultimate guide to Nancy Meyers interiors. Here’s how to style your home in the Nancy Meyers aesthetic. Incorporate the following décor elements to get the perfect classy “Grandma core” look.

How To Make Your Home Look Like A Nancy Meyers Movie: Elegant Coastal Grandma Aesthetic

1. Get The Nancy Meyers Aesthetic

The vibe of the Nancy Meyers interior design aesthetic is all about cool, calm Summer days.

nancy meyers interior design style living room aesthetic

Imagine all you have to do is read a book in your reading nook, or sip a glass of wine on your patio while you admire your hydrangeas, hedges, and the grassy-lined beach nearby.

You surround yourself with calm neutral and pastel colors, antiques, and treasures you’ve brought home from your worldly travels. Stacks of books are placed on the many built-in bookshelves.

Do you love this visual? Well, consider yourself a wealthy retired ‘coastal grandma’ with the epitome of good taste!

classic nancy meyers interior design style livingroom styles
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2. Neutral Colors

The Nancy Meyers aesthetic favors soft whites, beiges, and creams for walls and furniture, with light grays and muted pastels for accents.

nancy meyers interior design dining room
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3. Traditional Furniture

To get the Nancy Meyers look, you’ll need comfortable yet elegant sofas and armchairs, often in slipcovers.

Bring in a couple of vintage armchairs that match in color tone but not necessarily in pattern.

nancy meyers interior design style livingroom

Wooden coffee tables and side tables with a classic design. Think of antique pieces that look a bit rustic. Don’t bring in any furniture that’s too modern, and stay away from anything made of chrome!

4. Textured Fabrics

Get yourself some linen, cotton, and wool for upholstery and cushions. Layer throws and blankets for added coziness. Wicker baskets and natural fiber rugs look great, especially when paired with faded vintage rugs.

nancy meyers bedroom design

5. Warm Lighting

Make sure your home has many table lamps and floor lamps with soft, warm bulbs. Chandeliers and pendant lights with a classic or slightly rustic look are a must-have, as are candles. Vintage light fixtures add elegance to any space.

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hallway styled like a nancy meyers movie cozy cottage interior design

6. Vintage Art

You’ll want to have lots of vintage art framed in brass frames on the walls, and casually display your aesthetic decor and travel mementos on the bookshelves.

Large mirrors to enhance light and space. Bring in coastal elements like beach glass and vintage nautical gear, things that represent nature.

coastal grandma nancy meyers style bathroom

7. Flowers and Plants

Fresh flowers in vases is a MUST for this style of home. Place potted plants and greenery in every room. Adorn the interior and exterior of your home with hydrangeas.

nancy meyers interior design office

8. Open Kitchen Design

Neutral-colored cabinetry with classic hardware is most common in this design style. We love to see open shelving with neatly arranged dishes and cookware.

nancy meyers style kitchen
kitchen inspired by nancy meyers movies

9. Reading Nooks Galore

Nancy Meyers-styled interiors are a book lover’s dream! Ensure that you have stacks of books on coffee tables and shelves. Vintage books for that added lived-in look work well.

nancy meyers interior design style reading nook
Grandma core Bedroom with Cozy Reading Nook, Perfect For a Nancy Meyers Inspired Bedroom Design

Built-in bookshelves in living rooms and antique stand-alone book armorers give this aesthetic its familiarity.

nancy meyers interior design style bedrooms

Create reading nooks, which are dedicated spaces to curl up with a book.

nancy meyers interior design style bedroom elegant

10. Subtle Patterns and Prints

Stripes, florals, and checks in soft, complementary colors. Area rugs and curtains with subtle, elegant patterns.

nancy meyers interior design style bedroom

11. Outdoor Living Spaces

The Nancy Meyers front door is welcoming and traditional. Lively flowers and hedges greet guests as they enter the grand front porch and door way.

nancy meyers inspired front porch

In the backyard, you’ll set up cozy seating areas with comfortable cushions.

exterior of house ideas about how to make yoru home look like a nancy meyers movie
Front porch with blue hydrangeas

As well as outdoor dining tables and chairs for alfresco dining on those warm Summer nights, surrounded by rose bushes and hydrangeas.

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nancy meyers interior design style livingrooms

Frequently Asked Questions about Nancy Meyers Interior Design Style

Who is Nancy Meyers?

Nancy Meyers is an American filmmaker, screenwriter, and producer. Her films are often known for their beautifully designed interiors, which have become almost as iconic as the films themselves. Her sets feature cozy, stylish, and timeless home decor that blends classic French cottage styles and contemporary coastal elements, creating warm and inviting spaces that look expensive and classy.

How can I achieve the Nancy Meyers look in my home?

To achieve the Nancy Meyers look in your living room, use a neutral color palette with whites, creams, and soft grays.
Incorporate comfortable, slipcovered sofas, wooden coffee tables, layered rugs, and plenty of throw pillows and blankets. Add personal touches with books, artwork, and fresh flowers.

How does Nancy Meyers use color in her interiors?

Nancy Meyers primarily uses a neutral color palette with whites, creams, and soft pastels. She often incorporates subtle pops of color through accessories, such as throw pillows, rugs, and artwork, to add depth and interest without overwhelming the space.

What materials are commonly used in Nancy Meyers’ designs?

Common materials include natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool for upholstery and curtains.
Wood is a key element, often seen in furniture and flooring. Marble and butcher block are popular choices for countertops, and wicker or rattan can be used for accessories and furniture.

How can I make my home feel as cozy as a Nancy Meyers movie set?

It’s the ‘lived in’ sense which makes Nancy Meyers interiors feel so cozy. But, think ‘classy rich person lives here kind of ‘lived in’, and not messy hoarder!

To make your home feel cozy, focus on comfort and warmth. Use plenty of soft textiles like throw blankets and pillows, add rugs for warmth underfoot, and use warm lighting. Personalize the space with books, artwork, and fresh flowers.

Signature Nancy Meyers accessories include stacks of books, fresh flowers in vases, cozy throw blankets, decorative pillows, vintage-inspired lighting fixtures, framed artwork, and natural elements like potted plants and wicker baskets.

nancy meyers inspired exterior of house

How To Make Your Home Look Like A Nancy Meyers Movie – Conclusion

What do you think? Will you make your home look like a Nancy Meyers movie now that you know how to style your home in this well-to-do coastal aesthetic?

How to make your home look like a Nancy Meyers movie


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