Organic Modern Home Decor For Cozy, Elegant, Stylish Homes

This is how to get Organic Modern Home Decor For Cozy, Elegant, Stylish Homes

The organic modern home decor style has been influencing interior design for the past few years and we expect it to stay around for a good amount of time.

Why? Because, when done right, organic modern is not ultra-trendy, it isn’t loud, overbearing or even obvious. It’s a refined style that is elegant without looking opulent and relaxed without looking cheap.

Personally, it’s a design style that I truly resonate with, and am using inspiration from organic modern elements in my home renovation.

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In this guide, I’ll share my tips for decorating your home in this style, and give you some inspiration for where to get organic modern home decor.

What Is Organic Modern?

Organic Modern is an interior design style. At its base, it favors light and airy natural aesthetics in neutral colors. Think light-colored walls, white oak floors, and natural stone.

It then layers texture and warmth through its decor, including linens, wool, rustic wood, metal and clay pottery.

Thanks to its way of bringing balance to modern and timeless notes, it solves the two main problems most people have with:

  • a) modern interiors (too cold, boring beige!)
  • and b) traditional interiors (too cluttered, dark, dated)

Organic Modern is the perfect blend of styles! It offers the bright, clean and modern appeal but brings in warm, rustic and real materials for a cozy lived-in vibe you’d actually want to live in.

Where To Get Organic Modern Home Decor


I’ve been sharing all the organic modern decor I can find around the Internet, and posting it to my LTK.

collections showing real life examples of the best places to find organic modern furniture and decor online

See it all here! Simply click on an item you like and it will take you to the online retailer that has it in stock.

For example, take a look at this decor collection you can shop:

collage showing how we found where to find organic modern home decor. Organic Modern Home Decor To Make Your Home Cozy, Elegant and Stylish Homes


Amazon is a wonderful source for organic modern home decor. Here’s a big list of items I found:

example of a list of organic modern home decor found at Amazon

Shop the curation here.

HomeSense / Homegoods

You can find a lot of great organic modern home decor items in-store at HomeSense in Canada this year.

I stopped into a HomeSense store in BC today and found these items that would work well: Organic modern home decor finds at Homesense today! Check out these organic modern style peices that I saw. What to buy vs not buy and Homegoods, homesense canada finds for organic modern interiors. Warm up your living room with cozy home goods in textured materials and neutral colors. #organicmodern #organicmoderndecor #cozyhome #livingroomdecor ♬ original sound – Chelsea Clarke | Home & Style
Where to find organic modern home decor for on-trend living spaces


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