Mila Air Purifier Review – A Must For Homes?

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Today I want to share my thoughts about home air purification and give my frank Mila Air Purifier review.

The Mila Air Purifier is a sleek, smart home appliance that’s gaining a lot of attention online. Anyone who wants to live and breathe in cleaner air can benefit from what Mila does. But is this brand really the best pick in the market?

Breathing in pollutants, on an everyday basis, can be hazardous to your health, and just because you close the doors, lock the windows and dust the shelves doesn’t mean there isn’t anything harmful lurking right in front of you. 

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For most of us, this probably isn’t alarming on a day-to-day basis.

But in recent years, we’ve seen increased wildfires, with smoke that travels further than ever and cities getting bigger and busier—the air around us really isn’t getting any better.

Then there are those of us with allergies and asthma who are constantly fighting the allergens around us. And of course, if you have pets – it’s crucial to have an air purifier for dander, hair and allergens.

At the end of the day, investing in an air purifier might be a good idea—and the Mila is one of the best… at least it looks the best, so let’s dig into how it holds up.

Surprising reason why you need an air purifier in your home - genuine Mila air purifier review

Why Use an Air Purifier?

There are a surprising amount of benefits to using an air purifier, all focused on improving your overall quality of life. 

The most common benefit of air purifiers is that they help relieve asthma symptoms and reduce allergens.

Those with asthma have inflamed bronchial tubes, and air pollutants like pet dander and hair, dust mites or pollen can all cause difficulty breathing.

  • Having an air purifier is an absolute a must if you have pets. I have many pets, as well as asthma, and swear by my air purifier.

Likewise, those same particles can cause allergic reactions (hello, sneezing!) for many people, leading to discomfort.

However, air purifiers help remove these from the air, reducing allergic reactions and relieving asthma symptoms. If you have asthma or allergies, an air purifier is a must-have. 

Air purifiers can also help reduce the chances of airborne diseases floating around your home.

Both the common cold and the regular ole’ flu are spread because tiny particles float around in the air.

Mila Smart Home Air Purifier with Critter Cuddler H13 HEPA & Carbon Replacement Filter, Reduces Pet Odors, Removes Dust & Pet Dander, Ideal for Large Room or Bedroom, Quiet-Mode
  • A PET PARENTS FILTER: The Critter Cuddler filter is a medical-grade H13 HEPA and carbon filter optimized for ammonia removal. Filters dust allergens, pet dander, odors plus, germs, pollen, VOCs, and smoke. Includes a washable sock pre-filter.
  • 7 FILTERS: Switch between 7 filters based on seasonality or life events, with certified HEPA filtering for particle removal (smoke, allergens, house dust). Critter Cuddler has 99.97% efficiency, and works well in different-sized rooms, but ideal for 790ft².

Purifiers that use HEPA filters (like the Mila Air Purifier) can help capture bacteria and viruses and remove them from the air.

It’s not uncommon for those close to you to get sick when you are, and the air around you is probably the culprit.

  • You may also find that you get better sleep and your house smells better when you use an air purifier.

That’s because air purifiers can neutralize unpleasant odors and rid the air of allergens that can disrupt your sleep.

Overall, air purifiers are nifty gadgets that you can plug in and shove in the corner of your room.

They work with minimal intervention. Besides the noise on some models and the occasional filter change, you can live your daily life breathing in cleaner air with no real changes on your part.

How to make your bedroom smell good with Mila air purifier

Mila Air Purifier: The Details

The Mila Air Purifier is a smart device that can remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.

showing close up of the mila air purifier review compared

These are dangers floating around you that you can’t see, like dust mites, pet dander, and smoke… and it does an amazing job of getting rid of them. 

What makes it “smart” is its companion app, which gives you the FULL details on what it’s pulling out of your air and what your air quality is like.

The app essentially gives you a running report card for your air while letting you run the show.

  • From the app, you can schedule cleaning modes, change your schedule, and figure out what’s actually happening.
Mila Smart Home Air Purifier with Overreactor H14 HEPA Replacement Filter, Removes Formaldehyde, VOCs, Dust & Odors, Ideal for Large Room or Bedroom, Quiet-Mode
  • TACKLES ALL AIR NEEDS: The Overreactor filter is a medical-grade H14 HEPA and carbon filter that takes care of just about everything that looms in your rooms. Filters away formaldehyde, dander, and dust allergies, plus, germs, pollen, VOCs and smoke.


Being a smart device, Mila has a lot of bells and whistles (beyond its smart app!). With this handy lil’ device, you get:

  • Manual or Automatic Mode: take the controls or let the device do its thing.
  • Manual or Automatic Mode: take the controls or let the device do its thing.
  • HEPA filters: this is the only proven technology that’s guaranteed to remove airborne particles
  • Built-in Carbon Monoxide Sensor: Carbon monoxide can be very dangerous if you breathe in lots of it. Mila will let you know if your home’s levels are dangerously high.
  • Sleek Design: This is not your grandmother’s purifier, it actually looks good in your house
  • No Assembly Required: You can use this bad boy right out of the box, no tools needed (except if your phone if you want to use the app).
  • 7 Filter Choices: The Mila Air Purifier has 7 different filter choices, all of which are perfect for different purposes.

Pros of Mila Air Purifier

  • Helps minimize air pollution and indoor allergens
  • Can purify a room up to 1,000 square feet
  • Pairs with a handy app that helps you understand what it’s doing for you
  • The filters are easy to swap out, AND there are 7 different ones to choose from
  • Compared to other purifiers, it has a relatively elegant design

Cons of Mila Air Purifier

  • With a $300+ price tag, it’s not the most affordable option
  • It only comes in 2 color choices—white and black—and while neutral, it might not fit as nicely as you want it to

Where To Buy Mila Air Purifier?

You can buy Mila from the Mila Cares website, as well as from here. I would recommend buying it directly from their website.

Is The Mila Air Purifier Worth It?

The short answer is: the Mila Air Purifier is worth it, especially if you experience seasonal allergies or live in a space with lower-quality air.

We find it a good option for those just starting their purifying (or even self-care!) journey because of the handy app that lets you know what your machine is doing and how well it’s been able to clean the space around you.

Because it does a great job of cleaning a 1,000-square-foot room, it’s a good investment for a specific place in your home, or a smaller apartment.

  • If you live in a big house, it’s worth it to buy a couple of Milas so you can have one in your bedroom, one in your kid(s) bedroom, and one in the main living area.
  • Mila offers bulk pricing discounts when you buy more than one.
mila air purifier bulk multi buy discount explained

Let’s be honest—our air isn’t getting any cleaner. We’re constantly confronted with a changing environment that has the potential to cause long-term harm. The Mila Air Purifier is a great investment for breathing easier in your home.

What Are Air Purifiers?

It’s all in the name for this one — air purifiers clean the air around them, ridding it of harmful elements that can harm you like pollen, dust and even potentially airborne viruses.
It’s a great investment to upgrade the space around you, sleep better and destress your allergies.

It’s worth mentioning that air purifiers are only built to clean the space around them. You can’t drop a room purifier into a 5 bed, 6 bath home and expect it to clean the whole thing.
So, depending on the size of your home, you might need more than one to cover the areas you’re most often in.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

Air purifiers are fairly simple as far as the science goes.
The air purifier’s fan sucks in the air. That air travels through a filter (or several filters, depending on the particular device) made of paper, mesh or fibreglass, where tiny particles and pollutants are trapped.

Then, the freshly cleaned air is recirculated back into the space. These devices work similarly to an air conditioner or a dehumidifier, changing the air that goes into it—but in the case of a purifier, its goal is to CLEAN the air that enters it. 



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